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Oiu harbour

Oiu is a small village in Viljandi County, Kolga-Jaani parish. By the same name - Oiu, small fishermans village is mentioned already in 1599.

Harbour`s location is very attractive – village is beside the road from Viljandi to Tartu and there a just 300 m to Lake Võrtsjärv by Tänassilma river.

In 1913, 27 local farmers decided to build a dairy. First production came out in the beginning of 1914. Last production came out in 1980, after that there have not been any activities.

Next to dairybuilding is an old cheese factory and raftman`s house. Bridge across the Tänassilma river was built in 1926, before that it was possible to cross the river only by raft.

Before the cheese factory was built, there was an old ice cellar. Beer was shipped from Tartu`s A Le Coq brewery by barges, stored in ice cellar and delivered onwards by horse carts.

So was Oiu Harbour used also as a merchandise port. During the period 1959 – 1968 the sauna and the port quay were built nearby dairy. There was passenger boats

Stop in Oiu Harbour and also boat docks for many hobby boats.

In 1977 was created a great plan of building a resort for more than 1000 people and 600 boat docks. But these plans stayed just onto paper...

During 1980 – 1990 dairy factory finished it`s work and also the old harbour was neglected.

Oiu Arendus is nonprofit organization, established to reconstruct Oiu Harbour area. We believe, that Oiu Harbour will soon improve the villagelife of Kolga-Jaani parish in many ways.

In past 7 years NPO Oiu Arendus has opened the view to Lake Võrtsjärv and maintained the Oiu meadow.

In spring 2008, we started building new harbour facilities, which were the first steps in reconstruction of the site.

In 2012, we are ready to welcome our first guests in our new harbour building and we are very glad to be the first official harbour by Lake Võrtsjärv. 

In the end of 2012 we hope to be ready with our tavern project, which will specialize on local fish cuisine. Former raftman’s house will be fully renovated for that purpose.

Boat filling station is also currently under construction, which will also be the first one in Lake Võrtsjärv area.

What do we offer to our quests?

As our goal is to restore Oiu historical harbour, we offer different port services –  drinking water and power plugs, toilets and showers, a sauna, accommodation, WiFi, parking etc.

But we can`t forget where we are – in the middle of the forest, lakes and rivers. You can discover bird song, water murmur and the sound of winds. You can do it with our rental canoes and boats or just by foot.

Come and enjoy!


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