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Oiu Sadam

Rent a BERTH in Oiu Harbour! Some spots still available!

24 hr online video streaming. Excellent location - your vessel will be sheltered from the winds and waves.

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Seminars, banqueting & parties

kunciOiu Harbour offers possibility to organize seminars and banquets, have parties and get-togethers. Currently, we can host events for up to 25 persons, when the tavern building will be finished (2013), then this number can be tripled. Besides technical necessities like TV, DVD-player, projector, etc., we can also offer delicious meals, hot sauna and activities on the river/lake to bring spark to your event. As we are experienced in party organizing, we can help you with the whole package. Just ask!

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Canoes, kayaks & boats

harbourTänassilma River is splendid and peaceful and therefore it is nice to explore it by canoe or kayak. You can rent one from the harbour to go out and discover it on your own or order a arranged trip, which includes transportation to the beginning, catering during the trip and after and hot sauna in the finish. Distances and durations can vary. It is also possible to rent a boat to go out on the lake for a fishing trip or just a pleasure boating. In August 2012, our own sailboat will be finished, which can take on board up to 8 passengers. Ahoy!

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Safety equipment and boating accessories

harbourWhether it’s a life jacket or a fender that you need – we’re here for you. We might not have everything is stock right away, but we promise to answer your request within 3 days. Safety is our priority and being able to provide you with boating accessories, that might come handy, is our confident aim. As building a harbour complex is a continuous process, then hopefully in summer 2013 a little boating shop in Oiu Harbour will already be open. Currently, we can rent safety and life jackets, but it is also possible to buy these from us.

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Latest News

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Kevadine kanuuretk Tänassilma jõel!

Kanuuseiklused Tänassilma jõel on mõnus põige iidsele Hansa Veeteele. Pakume seiklemisvõimalust kuni 22 inimesele korraga ( 6 kanuud ja 4 kajakki ). Suurema seltskonna puhul saame kaasata varustuse koostööpartneritelt. Kevadine veeseis on väga hea, nii et matka pikkuseks võib olla kuni 1,5 kuni 8 tundi. Gruppidele hinnad alates 10 eur / osaleja. Matkade lõpp-punkt on Oiu Sadam, kus on avarad parkimisvõimalused ja mitmed...

Tänassilma Paadisprint 2014

Juba käesoleval laupäeval! Tule osalema! Varustuse rentimisel aitab Oiu Sadam.   Vaata lisa paadisprint.spordikanal.com

Looduslodi Oiu Sadamas

Lodi JÕMMU saabub Oiu Sadamasse 25.07., et alustada loodusretkedega Võrtsjärvel. Retked toimuvad 26.07.-28.07. Lisainfot leiad www.lodi.ee

Oiu Kala 2013

27.07. saab Oiu Sadamas stardi kalapüügivõistlus Oiu Kala 2013. Vaata lähemalt www.kalastus.eu

OIU SADAMA kohvik nüüd avatud!

18.mail tervitasime esimesi külalisi sadama kohvikus. Selleks tarbeks puhusime elu sisse vanale kakuaamile, mis sai endale uue kuue.Esialgu karastavaid jooke, kohvi ja jäätis pakkuv kohvik-paat pakub peatselt ka kehakinnitust!Vaata pilte meie FB lehel - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Oiu-Sadam/200709823364210?fref=ts Alates 1. juunist oleme avatud iga päev:E-N 11-19R-P 10 - 21 Tere tulemast!

Sügispuhkus sõpradega

Oiu Sadama puhkemaja kutsub Sind sügisesele väljasõidule Võrtsjärve äärde Oiu külla!   Sind ootab Eestimaa värvikirev loodus, mida saad nautida kanuudega Tänassilma jõel. Külaliste kasutuses on 6 kanuud. Matkajärgset peavarju pakub hubane puhkemaja, milles ehe puukerisega saun. Otse saunast on võimalik end karastada karges jõevees.   Puhkemajas on tasuta wifi, köök, TV ja muusikakeskus. Ööbimine 2-4 kohalistes tubades.   Pakkumine on sõpruskonnale kuni 12 inimest. Maksumus seltskonnale...

NB! The time of the first Youth Workshop in Oiu Harbour has chang…

First Youth Workshop was scheduled to take place on 11th of May. Unfortunately, due to the unexpected change in our special guest’s plans, the workshop will be postponed by one week. We still hope to meet you all on Friday, 18th of May, 17:00. We are sorry for the inconveniences and ask all of you who already registered, to reconfirm your participation. The...

First harbour by Lake Võrtsjärv is now officially registered

Very important and long-waited facility in Oiu Harbour is the first gas station in Lake Võrtsjärv region. The construction works have already started and first boats can get their fuel straight from Oiu gas station hopefully already in the beginning of the next season – 2013.In April, 2012, first harbour in Lake Võrtsjärv region was officially registered by Estonian Maritime...

River Tänassilma has lost it’s icy surface – first signs of SPRIN…

The lake is still under ice, but warm rays of sun have saved the river from the enchantment of winter. The waters are flowing and the Oiu meadow is completely flooded. This is magical sight and it creates lots of excitement amongst local residents. First pikes have already arrived, the spots of their spawn are bubbling, ducks are chasing each...

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